• Privacy Planter DIY

    Privacy Planter DIY

    Hi Friends, We’ve been in our house three whole years already which is crazy to me! With all the work we’ve been doing on the inside, the outside gets a little bit neglected. I decided this summer would be a good time to start focusing a little more energy on our outdoor spaces, starting with…

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  • All About That Tile.

    All About That Tile.

    Hi Friends, So I will admit, I have a thing for tiles. I don’t know why but every stinking time I’m at the hardware store I want to stop and browse! Even if we have no need for tile, you can find me in the tile aisle. You can imagine when we started remodeling our…

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  • It’s Electric!

    It’s Electric!

    Hey guys, For some of you this is going to be the most boring post ever. Weird, considering the exciting title. I really wanted to post about this though, so just go with it. Are you ready for this?? I, Holly Bryn Sunderland, changed out all the outlets in our kitchen! Woah! So now you’re…

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  • Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Hi All, So last summer I painted and decorated our master bedroom and it was beautiful and at the time I really loved it. After awhile though, the navy paint started to make our room feel really dark and uninviting and I really wanted to make a more permanent change. If you want to see…

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  • Marble Coaster DIY

    Marble Coaster DIY

    Hi Friends, I came up with this quick DIY awhile back to keep water rings off the coffee table! They’re cute, take very little time to make and also make a great gift! Materials: cork coasters (I got mine at Target for $2) gorilla glue (or hot glue) marble tile in the shape of your…

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  • Adventures in Temporary Wallpaper.

    Adventures in Temporary Wallpaper.

    Hi Friends, One of the rooms that had me stumped about our home is our living room. In our old townhouse, we really only had one living room and it was our tv room. Our tv and sectional moved into the basement of our new house leaving us with a big blank room that we had…

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  • Quick Crafts – Handstamped Serving Tray.

    Quick Crafts – Handstamped Serving Tray.

    Hi Friends, I’ve been seeing the cutest serving trays popping up all over with little handles sticking out of the top. It just so happens when I ordered the handles for our kitchen cabinet doors, they sent me a double order on accident. I thought this cute little DIY would be a good fix for…

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  • That’s a Wrap!

    That’s a Wrap!

        Hi Friends, With this time of year comes a lot of present wrapping. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. Every year I pick out wrapping papers and ribbons and bows and go to town on that big pile of gifts!  I know a lot of people, my husband included, aren’t really gift…

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  • Indoorsy Sweatshirt DIY

    Indoorsy Sweatshirt DIY

    Hi Friends, I thought I’d do a little something different today and share how I made this sweet sweatshirt for under $20! Supplies: Black Sweatshirt (or your favorite color) Iron-On Letters Iron Pillowcase Masking Tape (Optional) Lay your sweatshirt flat on an iron safe surface. Peel your letters off of the paper backing and line…

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  • Wall Art (On A Budget)

    Wall Art (On A Budget)

    Hi Friends, Today I wanted to talk about art. Like the kind you hang on your walls. I have the hardest time with shopping for art because I feel like every time I find something I really like, it’s also really expensive. Then you get that internal debate going on, like is it worth it?…

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