How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

Hi Friends, This weekend I had the itch to do a little project. Key word: little. Just a tiny something that wouldn’t take over my life like this bathroom has the last couple months. I had been swooning over Pinterest pics of picture mouldings (see below) and decided to add a little of this beautiful […]

You Might Be A Crazy Faucet Lady If…

If you didn’t know, my full-blown, grown-up, pays-all-the-bills job is in plumbing. Most days I enjoy what I do (everyone has “those” days, right?) and I especially enjoy when my day involves product research for clients. I work in new construction and part of my job is researching faucets or fixtures for a builder or […]

Feels Like Home.

Hi Friends, Remember before Christmas when I posted the before pics of our family room? No? I’ll give you a minute to look them over again here. You’re back? Okay. I just want to apologize for keeping you in suspense for SO long. I wrote the before post almost two months ago now, thinking I […]