• How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

    How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

    Hi Friends, This weekend I had the itch to do a little project. Key word: little. Just a tiny something that wouldn’t take over my life like this bathroom has the last couple months. I had been swooning over Pinterest pics of picture mouldings (see below) and decided to add a little of this beautiful…

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  • It’s Electric!

    It’s Electric!

    Hey guys, For some of you this is going to be the most boring post ever. Weird, considering the exciting title. I really wanted to post about this though, so just go with it. Are you ready for this?? I, Holly Bryn Sunderland, changed out all the outlets in our kitchen! Woah! So now you’re…

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  • Wall Art (On A Budget)

    Wall Art (On A Budget)

    Hi Friends, Today I wanted to talk about art. Like the kind you hang on your walls. I have the hardest time with shopping for art because I feel like every time I find something I really like, it’s also really expensive. Then you get that internal debate going on, like is it worth it?…

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  • Kitchen Part II: Countertops

    Kitchen Part II: Countertops

    Hi All! Once we painted the cabinets a nice bright white, the existing laminate countertops looked even more dated than before. I knew I wanted to tackle them next in hopes of being able to cook again. I started by taping off the lower cabinets and appliances with plastic dropcloths. I purchased a kit specifically…

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