• Adventures in Railing Construction.

    Adventures in Railing Construction.

    Hi Friends, Remember when I said if you had the choice between one project or four you should always do four? Well that doesn’t always apply. Unless you’re renovating, then it almost always applies. When we ripped out the hardwoods and carpet to put in our gorgeous new flooring we were left with the decision…

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  • Welcome Spot.

    Welcome Spot.

    Hi Friends, Hope you’re all feeling back to normal after the time change this weekend. It’s so weird when it gets dark out at 5:30 pm. Makes it feel like it’s super late when I’m coming home from work. I do like that it’s light out for my morning drive though. I just can’t win.…

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  • Darkening the Doorway.

    Darkening the Doorway.

    When we were touring our house for the first time, I walked up to go inside and saw the cutest doorbell. I like to say that I knew we were going to buy this house just based on that right there. I think it was the only thing in the house that I would have…

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