• Farewell, House.

    Farewell, House.

    Hi Friends, This blog post is dedicated to the original Sunderland house. Our first home buy, the place where I learned to do all the projects, and learned so many skills that will come in handy at our new place. This home was the longest I’ve ever lived in one spot – a little over […]

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  • Master Bath Remodel.

    Master Bath Remodel.

    Hi Friends, So this has been a long time coming – our upstairs bath is finally done! (Ahem, I mean, we’re still waiting on the shower door, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this!) We’ve been very slowly working on this bathroom for over a year! Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been […]

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  • DIY Home Fitness Studio.

    DIY Home Fitness Studio.

    Hi Friends, A couple weeks ago my gym closed. Which is hard for many reasons but mostly because it’s like my second home. I teach there two nights a week and I’m there at least two other days a week working out with my sister or taking class from my friends who are also instructors. […]

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  • You Might Be A Crazy Faucet Lady If…

    You Might Be A Crazy Faucet Lady If…

    If you didn’t know, my full-blown, grown-up, pays-all-the-bills job is in plumbing. Most days I enjoy what I do (everyone has “those” days, right?) and I especially enjoy when my day involves product research for clients. I work in new construction and part of my job is researching faucets or fixtures for a builder or […]

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  • Adventures in Railing Construction.

    Adventures in Railing Construction.

    Hi Friends, Remember when I said if you had the choice between one project or four you should always do four? Well that doesn’t always apply. Unless you’re renovating, then it almost always applies. When we ripped out the hardwoods and carpet to put in our gorgeous new flooring we were left with the decision […]

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  • Prepare to be Floored.

    Prepare to be Floored.

    Hi Friends, A long long time ago in a land far far away…just kidding. Last fall (which isn’t super long ago) at our house (which is actually right where I’m sitting) we decided to get crazy and rip out all our flooring on the main level of our house. We live in a rambler so […]

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