• Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Hi All, So last summer I painted and decorated our master bedroom and it was beautiful and at the time I really loved it. After awhile though, the navy paint started to make our room feel really dark and uninviting and I really wanted to make a more permanent change. If you want to see…

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  • Darkening the Doorway.

    Darkening the Doorway.

    When we were touring our house for the first time, I walked up to go inside and saw the cutest doorbell. I like to say that I knew we were going to buy this house just based on that right there. I think it was the only thing in the house that I would have…

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  • Kitchen Part II: Countertops

    Kitchen Part II: Countertops

    Hi All! Once we painted the cabinets a nice bright white, the existing laminate countertops looked even more dated than before. I knew I wanted to tackle them next in hopes of being able to cook again. I started by taping off the lower cabinets and appliances with plastic dropcloths. I purchased a kit specifically…

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  • Kitchen Part I: The Cabinets

    Kitchen Part I: The Cabinets

    Hi Friends! The first thing I decided to tackle when we moved in was our kitchen. Mostly because I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets and I didn’t want to unpack all our stuff and then have to take it out to paint it later. Here’s what we were dealing with:   We removed…

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