Tile Backsplash

  • Bathroom Redo. – Part II

    Bathroom Redo. – Part II

    Hi! So back to our super tiny bathroom makeover… We had to do something to cover up all the nasty that was left behind from ripping off the laminate backsplash, so we chose to tile over it. So much easier than trying to spackle and sand and tape and paint and I’m getting tired just typing […]

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  • Kitchen Part III: Finishing Touches

    Kitchen Part III: Finishing Touches

    Hi Guys! So we painted the cabinets and the countertops (yay!). I also took some time to paint the window trim black. Once we had taken all the plastic down, the kitchen felt like it was really starting to come together. Since my day job involves looking at catalogs for kitchen and bathroom fixtures all […]

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