• Our Phase 1 Master Bathroom Renovation.

    Our Phase 1 Master Bathroom Renovation.

    Hi Friends, Today is exciting because I finally finished up the very first project in our new house and it’s a good one. I knew a full on bathroom remodel in our master bath was not going to be a priority for a few years at least but because it’s our day in and day […]

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  • Farewell, House.

    Farewell, House.

    Hi Friends, This blog post is dedicated to the original Sunderland house. Our first home buy, the place where I learned to do all the projects, and learned so many skills that will come in handy at our new place. This home was the longest I’ve ever lived in one spot – a little over […]

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  • How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

    How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

    Hi Friends, This weekend I had the itch to do a little project. Key word: little. Just a tiny something that wouldn’t take over my life like this bathroom has the last couple months. I had been swooning over Pinterest pics of picture mouldings (see below) and decided to add a little of this beautiful […]

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  • Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Hi All, So last summer I painted and decorated our master bedroom and it was beautiful and at the time I really loved it. After awhile though, the navy paint started to make our room feel really dark and uninviting and I really wanted to make a more permanent change. If you want to see […]

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  • Adventures in Temporary Wallpaper.

    Adventures in Temporary Wallpaper.

    Hi Friends, One of the rooms that had me stumped about our home is our living room. In our old townhouse, we really only had one living room and it was our tv room. Our tv and sectional moved into the basement of our new house leaving us with a big blank room that we had […]

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  • Our Master Bedroom

    Our Master Bedroom

    Hi Guys! I’m super excited to share our master bedroom transformation with you today! This is one of my favorite spaces because it’s super cozy and different from the rest of our house, in a good way. Here’s what the space looked like before we moved in: The wall color was fine, but it had […]

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  • Bathroom Redo. – Part IV

    Bathroom Redo. – Part IV

    Hi Guys! So our half bath is pretty much done now! It was fun working on it, but eventually you just want the project to be done so you can move on to the next space! Because it is such a small room that gets no natural light, it’s hard to photograph, but I did […]

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  • Bathroom Redo – Part III

    Bathroom Redo – Part III

    Hi Guys! I’m going to give some more updates on our bathroom. Still not done, but almost there. Just a few finishing touches are left. I finished painting the walls. I painted them in Valspar’s Ballet Slippers. It’s a super light blush pink color. Then, on the wall behind the toilet, I painted this accent […]

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  • Bathroom Redo. – Part II

    Bathroom Redo. – Part II

    Hi! So back to our super tiny bathroom makeover… We had to do something to cover up all the nasty that was left behind from ripping off the laminate backsplash, so we chose to tile over it. So much easier than trying to spackle and sand and tape and paint and I’m getting tired just typing […]

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  • Bathroom Redo.

    Bathroom Redo.

    Okay. So we have this really tiny bathroom off our entry hallway and from the moment I saw it, I knew we needed to give it a “little” facelift. Usually I’m pretty good at gauging how long a project is going to take and I thought this would be two weekends, tops. Nope! Ha. It’s […]

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