• Prepare to be Floored.

    Prepare to be Floored.

    Hi Friends, A long long time ago in a land far far away…just kidding. Last fall (which isn’t super long ago) at our house (which is actually right where I’m sitting) we decided to get crazy and rip out all our flooring on the main level of our house. We live in a rambler so…

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  • Privacy Planter DIY

    Privacy Planter DIY

    Hi Friends, We’ve been in our house three whole years already which is crazy to me! With all the work we’ve been doing on the inside, the outside gets a little bit neglected. I decided this summer would be a good time to start focusing a little more energy on our outdoor spaces, starting with…

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  • Laundry Room Challenge.

    Laundry Room Challenge.

    Hi Friends, This weekend we are starting work on our laundry room so I wanted to give you all a peek at what it looks like now and what our plans are for giving it a facelift. Ready? Welcome to our laundry room! It sits on the main level of our 90’s rambler at the…

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  • Feels Like Home.

    Feels Like Home.

    Hi Friends, Remember before Christmas when I posted the before pics of our family room? No? I’ll give you a minute to look them over again here. You’re back? Okay. I just want to apologize for keeping you in suspense for SO long. I wrote the before post almost two months ago now, thinking I…

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  • Our Next Project.

    Our Next Project.

    Hi Friends, This blog post could also be titled “If you’re thinking about starting a reno project right before you host Christmas in December, don’t do it.” Ha! The past three weeks we’ve been working on our basement family room and hallway area and we are finally almost done. Just a little last minute styling…

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  • Our Guest Bath.

    Our Guest Bath.

    Hi Friends, Today is a very exciting day because our basement bath is finally done so I get to show it off! I’m in love with how it turned out and hopefully you are equally as ecstatic when you see all the beautiful changes we made. If you missed what it looked like before we…

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  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

    Hi Friends, I can’t believe it’s already started snowing up here in Minnesota! I wasn’t really prepared for it but now that it’s here I can’t wait for all things Christmas and cozy! It’s almost time to break out my colossal coat, my hot chocolate mug (extra marshmallows), and all the Christmas music. Hey, I…

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  • All About That Tile.

    All About That Tile.

    Hi Friends, So I will admit, I have a thing for tiles. I don’t know why but every stinking time I’m at the hardware store I want to stop and browse! Even if we have no need for tile, you can find me in the tile aisle. You can imagine when we started remodeling our…

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  • Help, my bathroom is ugly!

    Help, my bathroom is ugly!

    Hi Friends, You know how kitchens and bathrooms sell houses? Our house sat on the market for over 100 days before we put an offer in! We were the only ones lining up to buy our house. Why? Because the kitchen and bathrooms were Terrible. Yes, capital “T”! Because my husband is a plumber, we…

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  • Gathering Place.

    Gathering Place.

    Hi Friends, I thought I would pop on and share a bit of what we’ve been up to at our house lately and also some dining room tour photos (because everyone loves pictures). This past summer I made it a goal to get a real dining room table. Previously, our dining table was a high…

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