Indoorsy Sweatshirt DIY

Hi Friends,

I thought I’d do a little something different today and share how I made this sweet sweatshirt for under $20!


Black Sweatshirt (or your favorite color)
Iron-On Letters
Masking Tape (Optional)


Lay your sweatshirt flat on an iron safe surface. Peel your letters off of the paper backing and line them up in order.


Optional: I put a piece of tape across the length of my sweatshirt so that I could make sure my letters stayed level and evenly spaced across the fabric’s surface.


Next, I placed a pillowcase over my letters, taking care to make sure they didn’t shift out of place. I let my iron heat up, and then followed the package instructions to iron the letters on to my sweatshirt.


A few quick seconds later and my favorite new sweatshirt was ready for action!


You could totally personalize this with any phrase you wanted! It would also make a great Christmas gift as we get closer to that time. 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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