• Custom Large Scale Wall Art.

    Custom Large Scale Wall Art.

    Hi Friends,  Awhile back I decided it was finally time to do something about the gaping blank wall in our living room behind the sofa. We moved in September 2021 and kind of decided to let things be until our new sofa arrived. We ordered custom so it took few months to make and ship.… Read more

  • It’s Kismet – A Door Story.

    It’s Kismet – A Door Story.

    Hi Friends, The best DIY’s come with a killer backstory, and this one is my favorite story to date. A couple years ago when we first started house hunting, we came across this house that wasn’t actually for sale. It was a rental listing, but times were crazy so we asked if maybe they would… Read more

  • The Laundry Room/Mud Room of My Actual Dreams.

    The Laundry Room/Mud Room of My Actual Dreams.

    Hi Friends, Today is an exciting day and a day ten months in the making! I finally get to show you all our completed back entry space! Let me remind you where we started: Let’s take a moment to take this all in. At the end of this hallway is the door that leads into… Read more

  • Our Remodel Lighting Selections, Plus Some I Left in the Cart.

    Our Remodel Lighting Selections, Plus Some I Left in the Cart.

    Hi Friends, I think lighting design is my kryptonite. It feels like I’ve been on every lighting website imaginable in the last few weeks picking out lights for our bathroom, hallway, laundry and bedroom. With the exception of the bathroom, all the lights I was looking for are flush mount lights, which just means they… Read more

  • DIY Honed Marble.

    DIY Honed Marble.

    Hi Friends, A few months ago we were out shopping at this discount home improvement store, just browsing for nothing in particular, when we found some marble tiles. Fifteen square feet of polished black marble with dramatic white veining for only $30. Did I know what I wanted it for yet? No. Did I let… Read more

  • Project Check-in.

    Project Check-in.

    Hi Friends, So much has happened in our remodel over the last couple months so I thought I would take a minute to catch you all up! When you only work on your house on the weekends and most of the work is DIY, progress can feel like it’s crawling sometimes. But looking back at… Read more

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