How To Update Your Interior Doors.

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Today I’m talking about a three ways that I have updated the interior doors in our homes.

The first, easiest and most inexpensive way is to just paint them!

When I gave our master bath a temporary facelift, I included the door by painting it and the existing trim with a coat of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. It made an immediate impact by taking out the orange oak and allowing the trim details on the door to be highlighted by a solid color.

With this method, you’re going to want to thoroughly clean your doors first. I like TSP substitute and a microfiber cloth for that step. Follow that up with a good bonding primer, like Zinsser BIN or Kilz Original. Then on to your paint; I find Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel gives the best, smoothest finish.

The second way I’ve updated doors is by adding additional trim work before painting.

In our previous gym, I used wood glue to adhere lattice moldings to the front of our existing flat panel bifold closet doors in a box pattern. I caulked all the seams and gave them a fresh coat of paint and they looked like brand new doors! I also updated the casing on these with a more modern wider profile trim, but you could skip that step.

The third way that I’ve updated interior doors in our home is by replacing them altogether.

Obviously this is the least cost effective method, but it’s good investment. Updating our back hall doors to these single panel doors with new trim and new hardware makes the space look completely different. The best part about this update is that you really don’t have to do them all at once. Start in one small area, and then as your budget or time allows, you can expand into other areas of your home.

What do you think? Weekend project updating doors ahead of you?

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