The Best Tools to Nail Your Weekend Paint Project.

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Over the years I have done a multitude of paint projects from walls, to trim and doors. It’s my favorite low cost way to make a large impact on your home aesthetic. No matter what I’m tackling, I always want to make things easier on myself while still achieving a professional look finish. Here are all my favorite tools that help me get the job done:

  1. Handy Paint Cup. This cup is the best for painting trim and cutting in. It fits in the palm of your hand and has a magnet to hold your brush!
  2. Wooster Shortcut. This brush is my favorite! Perfect for cutting in – especially in tight corners.
  3. Whizz Foam Rollers. I love these for when I don’t want to get out my paint sprayer but still want a smooth finish. I’ve used these on countless doors and cabinets.
  4. Long Arm Extendable Roller. If you’re not using an extendable paint roller, what are you even doing? I used to climb up and down a step stool while painting walls and now I just extend the roller and paint comfortably from the floor.
  5. Purdy White Dove Roller Covers. Love these for painting walls and ceilings.
  6. Graco True Coat Airless Sprayer. Where do I begin with this? If you want a professional sprayed finish on doors, trim, etc. and you want to save time getting there, you need a paint sprayer. This one is easy to operate and easy to clean up.
  7. Red Devil 6-in1 Tool. Clean your rollers, open your paint cans and more with this multitool.
  8. Scotch Blue Painters Tape. When I need to tape areas off, I use this stuff. It holds well and comes off clean.
  9. TSP Substitute. This is my go-to for cleaning trim and doors before painting. It gets off any oily or sticky residue so my primer adheres really well.
  10. Microfiber Cloths. Another cleaning tool. Perfect for getting in trim grooves, or getting paint residue drops off laminate floors – oops.

You can click any of the images above for a link! Let me know if you have any paint project questions!

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