• New Life for an Old Coffee Table.

    New Life for an Old Coffee Table.

    Hi Friends,  A couple weeks ago I started working on getting some stored “project” furniture out of our garage. Maybe there’s also a console and six dining chairs in there too but I’m not a hoarder- okay? I just happen to find some good furniture on fb marketplace sometimes and then I don’t have time… Read more

  • Real Big Plans. (A Remodel Story)

    Real Big Plans. (A Remodel Story)

    Hi Friends, Let’s catch up on what’s happening at the Sunderland house! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you already know we started a pretty big remodel project last month. We are reconfiguring our back hallway area to make much better use of the space. The back hallway is off our living room… Read more

  • Phase 1  Kitchen Refresh.

    Phase 1 Kitchen Refresh.

    Hi Friends, Let me introduce you to our new kitchen. There are things I appreciate about it, including the storage space. Our last kitchen didn’t have nearly this many cabinets and I always struggled to make room for pots and pans and serving ware, etc. There are also so many things about this space that… Read more

  • Our Phase 1 Master Bathroom Renovation.

    Our Phase 1 Master Bathroom Renovation.

    Hi Friends, Today is exciting because I finally finished up the very first project in our new house and it’s a good one. I knew a full on bathroom remodel in our master bath was not going to be a priority for a few years at least but because it’s our day in and day… Read more

  • Farewell, House.

    Farewell, House.

    Hi Friends, This blog post is dedicated to the original Sunderland house. Our first home buy, the place where I learned to do all the projects, and learned so many skills that will come in handy at our new place. This home was the longest I’ve ever lived in one spot – a little over… Read more

  • The Story of Finding Our New House.

    The Story of Finding Our New House.

    Hi Friends! In June of 2020 we decided to talk to our mortgage lender and see how much house we could afford, if we were to decide that it was the right time to buy. We went through that process and all throughout were just casually browsing homes in our area. Then in July, we… Read more

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