Project Check-in.

Hi Friends,

So much has happened in our remodel over the last couple months so I thought I would take a minute to catch you all up! When you only work on your house on the weekends and most of the work is DIY, progress can feel like it’s crawling sometimes. But looking back at how far we’ve come keeps me motivated to keep going.

Let’s start where we left off after demo. We framed out all the new walls, added new drywall and patched all the holes we made in the ceiling moving walls and things. Before taping and mudding, I also scraped our existing popcorn ceilings. I can’t stand the popcorn texture and I’m glad to be rid of it, even if it’s only one small space for now.

I also discovered that I do not like anything having to do with drywall. Taping and mudding and especially sanding are all on my “never again” list. Definitely need to build a budget to hire that out next time. Haha.

Once the walls and the ceiling were fixed, everything got a nice coat of drywall primer and then a coat of paint. Unfortunately, so much has changed with the design in this space since this point, that I’m ninety percent sure I’m repainting everything in the next few weeks. You heard it here first.

Next step was patching the floors, laying down cement board and then tiling. I chose this polished marble basketweave for the flooring and I love it so much!

The vision was black grout but I very quickly learned that black pigment and white porous marble don’t exactly mix. :/ Luckily, I found that out by doing a test patch in the closet that won’t be visible before I had started in on the whole floor. White grout it is!

The floors then got covered to protect them from construction and the cabinets moved in. We were so happy to get them out of the garage. They went up easy in an afternoon.

So much storage! I can’t wait to organize it all. I had these flat panel door cabinets built at a local shop and then went in and added my own trim to all the doors later. I also had to research and change out some of the door hinges to accommodate the added trim.

Just adds a fun little detail.

After weeks of debate, samples, moodboards and inspo pic hunting, I finally settled on a beautiful green color for the cabinets. Then the next week we went to a local stone supplier/fabricator to pick out countertops. We walked around looking at every single remnant and slab and after about an hour, Zac had a slab catch his eye.

Once we chose this gorgeous red marble for the countertops, I had to pick a new paint color for the cabinets. Red and green would have just looked way too Christmas. I settled on a neutral gray so that the countertops can be the focal piece.

Last week I finished up painting the cabinets – more on that later – and now you’re all caught up in the laundry/mud room space. Next week we get our countertops installed and then we can really start seeing the space come together! My new (realistic) goal is to have everything done by Christmas. We’ll see if we can make it happen. 🙂

Thanks for reading,

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