DIY Honed Marble.

Hi Friends,

A few months ago we were out shopping at this discount home improvement store, just browsing for nothing in particular, when we found some marble tiles. Fifteen square feet of polished black marble with dramatic white veining for only $30.

Did I know what I wanted it for yet? No. Did I let that stop me from buying it? Also no. Add to cart!

Fast forward a few months. If you didn’t know, we are currently adding a three quarter bath to our main level. I had this great idea to add a marble accent wall as the vanity backsplash and carry it all the way up the wall. Cue the $30 marble.

I could have left it glossy, but the space is pretty modern and for me, modern means honed stone. I decided to test out a technique that I used at our previous house to hone our epoxy countertops and it worked! So I’m here to share it with you all.

Supplies Needed:

Polished Marble
Waterproof High Grit Sandpaper (I used this one)
Paper Towel or Microfiber Cloth
Elbow Grease 🙂

I should preface this by saying, I recommend testing this in an inconspicuous area or on a toss away tile before going all out, just in case.

Start by pouring a little water on your tile. Then, take your wet sanding paper and starting in your water puddle, sand in circular motions.

Then just keep sanding until you’ve covered the whole tile. If you run out of water from pushing it over your tile’s edge, just add a little more as you go – you want to keep the surface wet while you’re sanding.

Using your paper towel or microfiber cloth, wipe your tile dry. If you still see spots with gloss, add water to these spots and go back in with your sandpaper. Repeat these two steps until your tile is gloss free!

One down, fourteen to go! Minus the elbow grease, this is a super easy and super forgiving project. Obviously, I will go in with sealer on these once I get them up on the wall so that they are still protected but I’m loving their new look. What do you think? Would you ever give this a try?

Thanks for reading,

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