• Utility Room Storage Project.

    Utility Room Storage Project.

    Hi Friends, You can probably file this post under “blogs that literally no one asked for but I’m writing it anyways”. Lately I’ve been on an organizing kick so all my projects are related to purging things, then buying every container known to man for what I’m not purging, and then labeling until my label… Read more

  • Bedroom Dresser – An IKEA hack.

    Bedroom Dresser – An IKEA hack.

    Almost two years ago, I decided I needed a dresser. I was storing half my clothes in fabric bins which I found out Marie Kondo frowns upon so I bit the bullet and bought one. I wasn’t interested in spending a fortune so like many others searching for inexpensive furniture solutions, I headed to IKEA.… Read more

  • A Library Card Catalog Saga.

    A Library Card Catalog Saga.

    It started with a text message. My sister sent me this text one night in August. I had just gotten home from work and once I saw this I immediately called her for more information. After grilling her about it, confirming it was in fact an actual card catalog, and asking exactly where on the… Read more

  • Master Bath Remodel.

    Master Bath Remodel.

    Hi Friends, So this has been a long time coming – our upstairs bath is finally done! (Ahem, I mean, we’re still waiting on the shower door, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this!) We’ve been very slowly working on this bathroom for over a year! Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been… Read more

  • DIY Home Fitness Studio.

    DIY Home Fitness Studio.

    Hi Friends, A couple weeks ago my gym closed. Which is hard for many reasons but mostly because it’s like my second home. I teach there two nights a week and I’m there at least two other days a week working out with my sister or taking class from my friends who are also instructors.… Read more

  • How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

    How to Transform Your Bedroom In A Weekend for Under $100.

    Hi Friends, This weekend I had the itch to do a little project. Key word: little. Just a tiny something that wouldn’t take over my life like this bathroom has the last couple months. I had been swooning over Pinterest pics of picture mouldings (see below) and decided to add a little of this beautiful… Read more

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