Our Guest Bath.

Hi Friends,

Today is a very exciting day because our basement bath is finally done so I get to show it off! I’m in love with how it turned out and hopefully you are equally as ecstatic when you see all the beautiful changes we made. If you missed what it looked like before we started you can head here to check that out. Ready?


Our basement bath sits at the end of a long hallway. To be honest, I never used to wander down this way. I had no reason to, we had two other perfectly good bathrooms upstairs and this one used to give me the creeps. Now I just walk down here to stare at the bathroom and think about all the time I spent getting it to look as good as it does now. That’s not weird, right?


I painted the door, casing and adjacent linen closet white so they would look clean and fresh. The doors got all new matte black hardware as well.


Our vanity is from Home Depot. You can definitely tell it’s a stock vanity by the way it’s been put together but for our basement bath, we don’t mind. I did switch out the stock drawer knobs with these brass ones from hairpinlegs.com.


I love the knurling detail they have and their raw brass finish.



The light fixture and toilet paper holder are from Amazon. The soap dispenser is CB2 and the mirror is Project62 from Target.


Our faucets are Delta Trinsic in champagne bronze finish. I love the gold color and how it fits into this bathroom. This tub is the only thing we kept from the old bathroom (besides the drywall), everything else is brand new!


The towel hooks and towel ring are also Delta Trinsic but in matte black. I wanted to use a couple contrasting finishes so that the bathroom wouldn’t be too matchy matchy.


I replaced the light switch and electrical outlet so that they would be white instead of ivory and match the rest of the bathroom. It’s all in the details, you know?


I found these two little drawings on Etsy and snatched them up! They are both of the city of Berlin and I don’t know why, but I love them! The best part is that the frames they came in match the bathroom already so I didn’t have to switch them out. Laziness for the win!


I think the board and batten on the lower half of the wall makes the room! I may have had a few hiccups installing it but now that it’s done, it was definitely worth it. True story, I got ten nails in with my cheap air nailer before it sprung a leak and I had to go buy a new one. This was after I spent all night setting up the boards to paint in my garage only to spend another hour trying to fix my paint sprayer that wouldn’t spray right. I couldn’t catch a break on this one.


The bathroom is small but it has so much going on! I’m glad this project is done with and so happy with how it turned out. What do you all think of the finished product?

P.S. I may have already started on my next big project so stay tuned!

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