Kitchen Part I: The Cabinets

Hi Friends!

The first thing I decided to tackle when we moved in was our kitchen. Mostly because I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets and I didn’t want to unpack all our stuff and then have to take it out to paint it later. Here’s what we were dealing with:



We removed the cabinet to the left of the window to make room for some floating shelves and then we got to work. I wanted to spray the cabinets with an air compressor attachment for a more professional looking finish so I had to tape off the kitchen, walls around the cabinets, appliances, etc. Our kitchen looked like a hazmat zone! After a few setbacks and a few days of nonstop work, I was making progress!


See what I mean about the hazmat zone? Once they were done drying, I put all the doors back on. Did I mention none of the doors had hardware??


Good thing I know how to use a drill. A couple hours later:


We are so happy with how they turned out! Our kitchen is starting to look brighter and more modern. I don’t know if I’d do it again though because it was A LOT of work! Hopefully our next house has cabinets we already love. 😉

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