Kitchen Part III: Finishing Touches

Hi Guys!

So we painted the cabinets and the countertops (yay!). I also took some time to paint the window trim black. Once we had taken all the plastic down, the kitchen felt like it was really starting to come together. Since my day job involves looking at catalogs for kitchen and bathroom fixtures all day, I knew exactly which sink and faucet I wanted in my kitchen.


I chose an Elkay Crosstown sink in stainless. The bowls are 9″ deep which is awesome for doing dishes. More importantly, it was the same size as the old sink so after a little finagling, we got it to fit in the existing cutout! For my faucet I picked a Delta Trinsic in champagne bronze. I just really like gold and so I wanted to incorporate that into our new kitchen somehow. 🙂 I should probably also mention that my husband is a plumber which is awesome because he installed our sink and faucet free of charge (sort of— I’m sure someday he’ll bring this up when he wants something).

Because taking off the laminate backsplash destroyed the sheetrock pretty good, we decided the best option would be to install a tile backsplash in its place. We chose a stacked white quartz from Lowe’s and my husband and his dad installed it for us. My father-in-law has a tile saw that he let us borrow for free (win!).


I wasn’t just watching them do this, by the way. I was painting in another part of the house. 🙂 It turned out so good without me anyways.


After the tile was finished, all that was left to do was hang a couple floating shelves where we had removed some of the upper cabinets. We bought ours at Ikea because I didn’t want to go through the trouble of trying to make some.


The kitchen looks awesome you guys. Like we can’t believe we live at this house when we walk into it.


I’m planning on giving the window some love with new shades and light fixture soon but other than that we officially have one room done! Time to start in on another room!

Thanks for reading!


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