A Touch of Blush.

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In between our kitchen and living rooms we have this sort of floating wall. The kitchen side houses our pantry and some other cupboards and the living room side was just a blank space. After we painted all the walls and trim in the kitchen, dining, living room and entry a bright white it was starting to feel like we needed some color.


I had actually purchased a quart of blush paint planning to just paint this one wall a solid color but then I thought that would be boring. I started looking up accent wall ideas on Pinterest and saw this awesome striped wallpaper and I knew I could do something similar with paint. I bought some painter’s tape and got to work!



I started by taping off a small triangle at the top and then added on from there. I used a small square object to mark equally distant spaces along one line of tape so that I could line my next piece of tape up to them. I continued along the whole wall changing directions as I saw fit. Note: if you hate repetitive tasks, this project may not be for you.


This was my final taping result. Once I finished the hard part, it was on to the easy stuff: painting. I actually started by painting a coat of white to help seal the tape and help prevent the blush from bleeding under it. After that dried, I painted on the pink! I used Behr’s Island Hopping as my color.


This is what it looked like after I painted. I let it dry until it was just tacky and then started to peel the tape away to reveal the magic underneath.


Guys, no matter how hard I tried I still had some paint bleed through that I had to touch up! Anyone got any tricks up their sleeve to solve this??

Once all that was done I was left with a pretty wall ready for some art or hanging plants!


I love this wall! It adds so much personality and a much needed dose of color to our space. Everytime I see it in our house it just makes me smile! 😊😊😊

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Acrylic Gel Medium is a safe saver and prevents the bleeding! Highly recommend! You can find it at any craft store and it’s clear! I have very little bleeding if any at all when using it! Love the wall by the way!

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