Darkening the Doorway.

When we were touring our house for the first time, I walked up to go inside and saw the cutest doorbell. I like to say that I knew we were going to buy this house just based on that right there. I think it was the only thing in the house that I would have actually picked for myself (besides the vaulted ceilings and awesome windows). The doorbell was gold so I knew I wanted to keep it that way and do gold door hardware to match, but what color to paint the door? I wanted to do like a fun mint or blush but decided it wouldn’t really go with the outside of our house. I eventually decided on black (which goes with everything, right??) and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.


This is kind of what our door looked like before. Although, this is after I had cleaned it and there was a pretty thick layer of dirt on it prior to that. I started by cleaning the door and trim and then prepping it by taping and tarping. Our storm door is screened, not glass, and it was 95 degrees outside the day I was doing this project so I duct taped a thick plastic sheeting around the entire doorway to seal the cool air inside. It worked pretty well. 🙂 I took off the doorknob but left the deadbolt because I knew we would be leaving the house before I would be able to finish putting the new hardware on.


I started by priming around the entire door and frame. I used a tinted grey primer, small foam roller and brush. Bye honey oak trim! Every piece of oak I paint over makes my heart happy. I know some people would fall over at the sight of me doing this buuuttt it’s my house. Sorry.


After priming, I put on my first coat of paint. I used an exterior paint on the outside and inside of the door because I wanted the color and finish to be the same and I figure it just means the inside will hold up super well.


Priming makes all the difference in the number of paint coats it takes to cover wood trim. I discovered this while painting some of the other doorways in our home. This was one coat in. After a second coat of paint the door was looking awesome! All that was left to do was remove the existing deadbolt and drill a couple more holes to accommodate the new handle and door knocker.


I love how the gold looks with the dark black of the door. It gives our entryway a nice pop and our outside some curb appeal. Remember that doorbell? I also gave it some new life with a fresh coat of paint.

I feel like our house is truly welcoming now and I can’t wait to get the rest of our entryway put together!

Thanks for reading!


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