Bathroom Redo.

Okay. So we have this really tiny bathroom off our entry hallway and from the moment I saw it, I knew we needed to give it a “little” facelift. Usually I’m pretty good at gauging how long a project is going to take and I thought this would be two weekends, tops.

Nope! Ha. It’s been a month, I think? And still not one hundred percent complete. Mostly because I’m not letting myself buy things for the sake of crossing stuff off my to-do list. Which is a good thing. I’m just trying to slow down and enjoy the process and wait to put things into our house that I love (vs. things that are just okay).

Anyway, here are some pictures of our bathroom redo process so far.

imageHere is a badly lit photo of our “before”. I would say the only positive thing about this room is that the ceramic tile floor is pretty new and fits with my style (thank you toilet for overflowing and forcing the previous homeowner to replace the outdated vinyl).So that can stay; the rest needed to go.


We started by demo-ing the mirror, towel bars, toilet paper holder, and backsplash. Bye! Then we cut the opening for the sink a little wider to fit the new one we had picked out. After that, I painted the countertops using the same method I had used to paint the ones in our kitchen.


Next came more paint! This time on the vanity cabinet itself. Sorry about my feets. Ha. I chose a light grey to match the floors and countertops and I love how it turned out.

That’s all the update for now. More later…

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