It’s the little things.

Hi Guys!

Sometimes I have a good idea for a project, and then I get done with it and realize it needs something more. A lot of the design of my house is about the details and styling. I’m one of those people that is constantly moving stuff around to try and figure out where stuff would best fit in my house. It’s a learning curve and I’m convinced I’ll never have everything “perfect” but I also know that’s okay.


I recently added these hexagon shelves to my living room accent wall and added some plants and pics. I’ll probably change these out eventually but I like them for now.

I also added this hand stamped painting I made a couple years ago that was in our living room at our old house. I’m trying to incorporate as much old stuff as possible in our new house. I chose a little bit different color scheme when designing for this house though so some of our old stuff just doesn’t fit.


One of the unique things about our house is this mail cubby/cookbook shelving space in our kitchen. The big shelf above had an old school chair rail type thing running along it when we first moved in. I think that was the first thing I demoed. This spot was kind of awkward to me at first but I think I’m learning how to style it.

One of my goals is to get more pretty pink antique glassware to display here eventually but it’s so darn expensive! Those plates were a steal – $7.50 for the set and they’re in perfect condition. Score!

The hyacinth basket is a solution for hiding all my cat’s random stuff and our lint roller that gets used on a daily basis. You’d never know unless I told you. 😉

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