Bathroom Redo. – Part II


So back to our super tiny bathroom makeover…

We had to do something to cover up all the nasty that was left behind from ripping off the laminate backsplash, so we chose to tile over it. So much easier than trying to spackle and sand and tape and paint and I’m getting tired just typing this… Where was I? Oh yeah – tile. I have been dreaming of marble tile since before we bought our house and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to incorporate some.


(Insert heart-eyed emojis here.)

We only had to cover 5 square feet so we knew it didn’t matter if we chose something a little more expensive. The only problem is now I want to cover the rest of the house in this pretty stuff.


I painted a little stripe of the wall color before we tiled because I knew it would make it easier to finish painting later. After that dried, we got to work! I won’t bore you with a tutorial on how to tile the perfect backsplash because there are so many out there already. Just hit up Google or Pinterest.


We tiled two subway tiles high and finished the edges with a bullnose piece. It looks pretty awesome if you ask me, but I’m biased.


Here’s a shot of the tile against our epoxy countertops. If you can’t tell, that’s blush pink paint. 🙂 Also, you can take a look at our sink water lines, if that’s the sort of thing that interests you.

Thanks for taking a peek,


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