Bathroom Redo – Part III

Hi Guys!

I’m going to give some more updates on our bathroom. Still not done, but almost there. Just a few finishing touches are left.


I finished painting the walls. I painted them in Valspar’s Ballet Slippers. It’s a super light blush pink color. Then, on the wall behind the toilet, I painted this accent wall. I love accent walls. They’re fun and make your space feel custom. This one took about ten minutes with about a cup of white paint and a medium size paint brush. I freehanded little downward strokes in an alternating pattern down the wall.


I also painted the trim in here and the door a bright white. We (and by we, I mean Zac, I’m not a plumber) installed a new toilet. We had to find a special compact style toilet because we both wanted an elongated model but the space was so small that the regular elongated ones wouldn’t have allowed the door to close to the bathroom. Weird how just changing our your toilet can make a space look better.


Zac installed our new sink and faucet too! I love how they modernize the space. The sink is a Jacuzzi Anna sink from Lowe’s and the faucet is a Delta Trinsic in Champagne Bronze – same style and finish as our kitchen faucet. The toilet lever and toilet paper holder are from this same line also. Matchy matchy. 😉

Next steps will be hanging the new mirror and light fixture, getting some gold hardware for this vanity and adding final touches to the room! I can finally feel it starting to come together!

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