If you can’t find it, make it.

Hi Guys!

So another chapter in the epic saga of buying a new home was our lack of furniture. We were coming from a home with one small living room and now in  our new house we have a living room upstairs and family room downstairs. So we basically had all this extra room and nothing to put in it. One of the things I was hunting for was a long skinny coffee table for our living room. I searched and searched and wasn’t able to find anything I liked in our budget, so I finally decided to give up and make one!

A little trip to Lowe’s later and I had bought: Four 18″x 3″ x 3″ sections of poplar, two 18″ x 1″ x 3″ sections of poplar and one 18″ x 48″ x 3/4″ solid aspen panel. Time to get to work!


I glued these posts on to the four corners of my aspen board using wood glue and then let that dry overnight. Once dry, I connected the two posts on each end by screwing the smaller poplar sections into the posts. This project was SUPER easy. If you’re really lazy, you can even have them cut down your poplar at the hardware store so you don’t even have to get your saw out like I did.


Next, I stained the top aspen panel with this Varathane wood stain in Kona. Once that dried, I taped off the legs and spray painted them a nice black satin color. I then applied a few coats of poly to the whole thing and let dry!


I love the personality this little coffee table adds to the space and it’s awesome to be able to customize it too. I think the legs would also look good painted a nice gold, but I’m a sucker for gold and there’s a lot of it in my house already.

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