Dirty Little Secret.

Hi Friends,

Today I wanted to talk about a BIG issue. You know how when you’re on Pinterest, every house looks like a model home and you think to yourself, “No one could possibly live there! Where’s the mess?!?” No one? – just me? Well, today I’m going to share my tricks on how to hide the things you need everyday in plain sight and hopefully you’ll find them helpful!


First up: storage ottomans! I’m constantly on my phone, computer, ipad, etc. while I’m in the living room and needed a place to hide all the clutter of cords and computers when they aren’t in use. Enter, Mr. Ottoman. Whoever invented this thing is a genius! As an added bonus, I know my cat can’t chew on the cords when they’re stowed away.


Next up, we have this blanket/basket combo. I have a ton of reading materials and my foam roller that I like to keep handy in the living room that doesn’t always look the prettiest. First I grouped them together in this large basket that sits on our floor and then I draped a pretty throw over the top. If I wouldn’t have told you, you might have thought the basket just housed a few more blankets underneath!


Finally, baskets! We had a ton of cat stuff just hanging out on our open shelving in the kitchen that was driving me nuts. Finally, I went and got this pretty water hyacinth basket to stow it all in. It’s perfect because it matches our kitchen décor and it’s on a high enough shelf where you can’t see inside it.

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite pretty way to hide the clutter?



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