Gold Triangle Accent Wall

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Let’s talk about our master bedroom for a second. The existing walls when we moved in were a pale greyish blue that were just a little beat up with some holes and scuffs so painting this space was not our first priority. After we had settled a bit and gotten some of the more major transformations out of the way, I started to envision what I wanted this room to look like. Normally I shy away from dark paint colors, or any paint color other than bright white, because I think it brings a space down. So, surprisingly I decided  to paint this room a deep navy blue. Hey, if you’re gonna go dark, might as well be the room where your eyes are closed for the majority of the time you spend in it, right? Once that had dried, I decided to do a little accent on the long wall along the back of our room. Here’s how I did it:



Gold Sharpies or Paint Pens
Triangle Stencil

(Two of these you can find at your local craft store.)

I started by placing the long side of the stencil along the bottom of the wall and traced. I continued this along the full length of the wall. For the rest of the rows, I placed the stencil in between the peaks of two triangles below and traced around the whole stencil. Repeat until you’ve covered the whole wall. (This is where the patience comes in.)


If I messed up a section, I just got out a little extra navy paint and covered it up. No biggie. 🙂


I love how much personality it adds to our space. It looks like a custom wallpaper. But better than wallpaper because if I change my mind about it a few years down the road, we can just paint over it. 🙂

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