Our Master Bedroom

Hi Guys!

I’m super excited to share our master bedroom transformation with you today! This is one of my favorite spaces because it’s super cozy and different from the rest of our house, in a good way.

Here’s what the space looked like before we moved in:


The wall color was fine, but it had scuff marks and a few large holes from where a TV had been mounted at one time so I knew we would have to paint. Also, the purple blinds were not my fave. I’m guessing they were original to the house and when I took them down I got surprised by a couple spiders hanging out up there! Gross!


We started with paint, new drapes and a new light fixture and from there everything else was just styling. I got a fresh new duvet cover, hung some file boxes vertical to the wall for nightstands and hung two pendants from the ceiling for extra lighting.


I love the chandelier we put up, it makes our room seem a little fancier! I’m also pretty proud of the fact that I got it on clearance at Home Depot for $18.00. Score!


We got two Kallax units from Ikea and stacked them to make a “dresser” for me. It houses my jewelry, socks, scarves, workout clothes, etc. and looks pretty good doing it. We got two smaller units instead of the larger one in case we ever want to move them to a different spot in the house. It’s good to have versatile pieces when your style changes like the seasons. The deer up top are mine and Zac’s from hunting a few years ago. They add to the cabin-y feel.


Of course I have a full length mirror, because I’m a girl, who likes to check her outfit in the morning. It’s from Target – like so many other things in our house. 🙂 The art over our bed is a simple DIY – just Sharpie on canvas.


This shadowbox above my nightstand houses flowers from the first bouquets Zac ever bought me (first just because, first Valentine’s Day, etc.). Just little mementos of when we first got together that make me smile in the morning.

That’s pretty much it in this room. I think we’ll keep it this way for a long time, mostly because I really love how this space turned out and partly because if I have to paint another room right now I might cry. Let me know what you think of our space!

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