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Hi Friends,

With this time of year comes a lot of present wrapping. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. Every year I pick out wrapping papers and ribbons and bows and go to town on that big pile of gifts!  I know a lot of people, my husband included, aren’t really gift wrap savvy or maybe they get a little overwhelmed at the thought of wrapping all those gifts. Today I thought I’d share my wrapping process in hopes that it will inspire you to give it a shot!


Start with your basic supplies: Wrapping paper, boxed present, tape and scissors. Gift boxes making wrapping all those awkwardly shaped presents so much easier!


Place your gift upside down on top of the backside of your wrapping paper and tape the cut  end of the paper to the back of the box.


Cut your wrapping paper so that when you fold the paper over it overlaps the other end of your paper when wrapped. Then fold it over the back of your box, and tape it into place.


Gently run your finger from the center of your box outward until you find where your box ends. This gives you a general idea of how much excess paper is hanging over the edge of your box.


Next trim your excess wrapping paper from both ends of your box. Make sure you leave as much paper left as your box is tall. For example, my box is about 2 inches tall so I want to leave around 2 inches of paper hanging over my box edge. A little more is okay, but if you use less, it could cause a gap on the side. Now when I find my box edge, I’m left with around 2 1/2 inches of paper overhang.


Press in the two sides of your wrapping paper until the are flat against the end of your box. Then fold the top flap of your wrapping paper downward and tape into place.


Take your bottom flap of wrapping paper and fold it in half to create a clean edge. Then fold it upwards to meet the end of the box and tape it securely in place.


Repeat steps on the other end of the box. At this point you should have two clean looking ends. 🙂


Embellish with ribbon, bows, gift tags, etc. to bring something unique to each present.


Tada! That wasn’t so hard was it? Now you have no excuses for making all your gifts look great. Even though in a couple weeks, they’ll all be unwrapped again. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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