Quick Crafts – Handstamped Serving Tray.


Hi Friends,

I’ve been seeing the cutest serving trays popping up all over with little handles sticking out of the top. It just so happens when I ordered the handles for our kitchen cabinet doors, they sent me a double order on accident. I thought this cute little DIY would be a good fix for using a couple of them up!


What you’ll need:

Rectangular Wood Slice (I got mine at Target for $5)
Permanent Stamping Ink
Stamp of Your Choice
Mod Podge (Or other sealer)
2 Handles
Clear Cabinet Bumpers (Optional)


Press your stamp firmly into your ink making sure you color the whole stamp. I chose this floral design that has a repeating pattern. I like to use clear stamps because you can be more accurate about where your design is being placed.


Press firmly on each part of the stamp to transfer the inked design. Continue along with this process until the whole wood slice is stamped.


Once your whole surface has been covered, wait a few minutes for the ink to dry completely. Next, take your mod podge or other sealer and apply a light coat with a foam brush. I like to use a foam brush vs. a regular brush because I find the brush strokes are less visible once dry.


Once the clear coat has completely dried, it’s time to add your handles.


Lay your handles on their side where you would like to install them. You could measure exact distance to the center to place your handles, or you can eyeball it, like I did. Use a marker to dot where you will need to drill holes for the handle screws.


Time to drill your holes. Apply firm pressure straight down while drilling until the bit goes all the way through your board. Once you have all four drilled through, you can install your handles.


Optionally, you can install clear cabinet bumpers on the four underside corners of your tray. This will help your tray sit level and insure the screws aren’t touching whatever surface you set your tray down on.


Next, flip over your tray and admire your handiwork!


I really love how this turned out more than I thought it was going to! It’s perfect for serving yourself or guests! And it’s completely customizable to whatever your style is. What would you use this little tray for?

Thanks for reading,


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