Adventures in Temporary Wallpaper.

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One of the rooms that had me stumped about our home is our living room. In our old townhouse, we really only had one living room and it was our tv room. Our tv and sectional moved into the basement of our new house leaving us with a big blank room that we had no plan for. (Also, no furniture for, but we’ve since remedied that problem.)

I came across this awesome temporary wallpaper at Target (where else?) and decided to give it a try. To be honest I was kind of scared. My experience with any sort of wallpaper is non-existent but I watch enough HGTV to know that people usually hire a pro to put theirs up. Thankfully, the temporary variety seems to be the exception to this rule and it was actually pretty easy.


First I gathered my materials. I chose this white brick wallpaper, but it comes in all sorts of other patterns and colors. I also needed a scissors, a measuring tape, an xacto knife, and a squeegee. Once materials were gathered, I pulled all the furniture out from the wall, removed the drapes, outlet and light faceplates, and artwork.

I measured the length of my wall, then used that length to measure out my first wallpaper panel and cut it off the roll. It makes it so much easier to pre-measure the panels!

Wallpaper 8Wallpaper 9

Peel the backing off at the top of your panel and line it up with the top of the wall. You’ll want to peel a little backing at a time while smoothing it down. I found it worked best if I pulled a few inches and followed it with the squeegee.

Wallpaper 10Wallpaper 6

I used the squeegee to get rid of air bubbles as I worked my way down adhering the panel to the wall. Once I got to the bottom, I used the xacto knife to cut off any overhang of paper right along my trim.

Wallpaper 5

Here it is after the first panel was up! I think the hardest part for me was lining up the panels so that the brick lines matched up from one panel to the next. This may be easier with some of the wallpaper patterns than others. The paper is supposed to be repositionable, but I found that once you lift it, it’s hard to get back onto the wall without an air bubble invasion.

Two hours of labor and 3 rolls of paper later and I was done! Here is what my wall looked like before…

Wallpaper BeforeWallpaper After

…and after! I love how dramatic of a transformation it is! The whole room feels different now. I hung my eucalyptus wreath up to the left of the window and bought some simple box shelves I am planning to hang on the right.

I think the best part of this paper is that it’s textured so it doesn’t look flat and fake, even up close and in person. That was one of my biggest (and totally unnecessary) concerns. What do you think? Would you try temporary wallpaper in your home?

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