Marble Coaster DIY

Hi Friends,

I came up with this quick DIY awhile back to keep water rings off the coffee table! They’re cute, take very little time to make and also make a great gift!



cork coasters (I got mine at Target for $2)
gorilla glue (or hot glue)
marble tile in the shape of your choice
xacto knife or scissors
white silicone (optional)


First of all, separate a few of the tiles from the backer sheet. They should peel off fairly easily.


Next, lay your tiles out in any pattern you like. Play around a little until you find a pattern you like best. I chose to make this mini subway tile pattern. Glue down your tiles onto the cork.


Trim your cork along the tiles using an xacto knife or scissors.


Optionally, you can fill in any gaps between the tiles using a white silicone sealant. Just lay it on thick and wipe the tops of the tiles clean before it dries.


You can use any shape tile you want, even these cute little hexagons! The best part is, they’re pretty as well as useful so you can leave them out as decoration until you need to use one. 🙂 Let me know if you give this project a try!

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