4 Steps to a Sensational Pantry.

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I’m gonna be real here: this weekend I got fed up with my pantry! Ugh! We don’t have a big walk-in one, just a cupboard, and it was stuffed on every darn shelf!  I was having a hard time putting away new groceries but at the same time it felt like we didn’t have anything to eat. Have you ever felt like that? I decided to do something about it and took a stand against my cluttered pantry (hopefully) once and for all!

1.) Clean it out!

We all know it takes a pretty long time for dry goods to expire. The fact that we had so many expired products in our pantry is a little embarrassing. I got rid of anything that was expired first and then anything we aren’t planning on eating went in a donate pile. Everything else went in the “keep” pile. Yes, I literally took everything out of the pantry! It seems like you’re making a big mess at first but I promise it’s worth it.

2.) Prep time!  

After taking everything out of the pantry I scanned my items for anything that was bought in bulk or would be better kept in a jar. I made a list of these things and next to each one noted what size container I thought it would need. I also noted some general category labels I would want as well for things like snacks, sweets, on-the-go items and pastas. Then I made labels for each item or category on my computer and printed them off on clear removable label sheets. Tip: if you don’t like any of the font choices on your computer (hint, hint)  there are lots of websites that offer FREE downloadable fonts.


3.) Gather your materials! 

Once you know what’s in your pantry and you’ve made your labels you can buy your containers. They don’t have to cost a fortune either. I used two large baskets, three smaller baskets, mason jars and a few larger air tight canisters. Mason jars are a really affordable option. I got 24 of them in 2 different sizes at Menards for around $20. Make sure you measure out your space to fit your containers or have adjustable shelving to accommodate them. The large baskets are from Ikea, the small baskets are from Target and the couple specialty canisters are from HomeGoods.


4.) Put it all together! 

This is the fun part. Transfer your dry goods to jars and canisters and put everything else in a basket or on the shelf. I chose to leave my cans on the shelf but almost everything else went into a basket or jar. Once you’re done, stand back and look at how good your pantry looks and give yourself a little pat on the back!


It makes me sooo happy knowing there is room for everything in the pantry!  As an added bonus I now know everything that lives in the pantry so I won’t buy a duplicate of something I already have next time I go to the store! Are you ready to tackle your pantry?

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