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Hi Friends!

It’s been a little while! I wanted to pop in and share a couple things today that we’re working on on the outside of our home. The first one is our new outdoor wall lights.

So I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the outside of our house before we purchased it last year. I think there might have still been some snow on the ground the first time we came to look at it and to be honest, landscape wasn’t really a make or break thing for us with our first home. A couple months after we moved in, the light on our front step burnt out and when we went to change it out, we noticed a couple things. One of the screws had the head completely stripped and we couldn’t get the top off to change the bulb without breaking the cover. Also, the light by our front door didn’t match the two lights by our garage. I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to replace them for awhile and then one night on the Home Depot clearance shelf, I found the perfect lights! There were exactly three of them and they were only $30 a piece. I thought it was fate! Untilllll…I opened them and two of the lights had their glass panels completely shattered!  I returned those and eventually found different ones. I had to special order them and wait for them to come in to the store, but it was all worth it!

Here are our old lights. Just ignore our dirty siding that needs a pressure washing VERY badly.


Before and After of our front step! Also ignore the bush that needs a haircut. (I’m telling you, one project always leads to three more!)


Before and after of the front of our house! I love our new lights!


Here is what they look like up close! They’re definitely more modern looking than the old fixtures and were very easy to install. Also, there’s no screws to undo to change out lightbulbs when they burn out! 🙂

The second thing I wanted to share is our front landscape that I’m planning to gut and change out completely. It has so many problems with weeds and not having a proper border between the grass and rocks. I’m excited to show you the finished product, once we finish it of course.


Whatever we do, I can guarantee it’ll look better than this starting point. 🙂 Also, if you have any suggestions for low maintenance greenery that’ll survive the winter, pass them along!

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