A Master Bath Update (Among Other Things).

Hi Friends,

If you caught my latest Instagram post, then you know our upstairs bath is just about complete. We call it the master bath, although technically it’s a shared bath because of its two doors. We just have no one to share it with yet. I’m picking out hardware and accessories this week and I finally think I have it nailed down. I had originally planned on all black hardware and fixtures, but the more I stare at the space, the more I realize it might need a little something more.


This weekend we spent some time in Kohler, WI and took a trip through their Design Center. It’s amazing! There are three floors and the third floor showcases spaces by designers featuring the Kohler products. There are mock kitchens, bathrooms, bars, even a spa. I secretly want to move in but that’s also potentially problematic considering none of the faucets actually function.


It was really inspiring seeing all the finished spaces and gave me some ideas with what to do for our space. I just ordered this hardware for the vanity. It’s a brushed brass finish and I’m planning to do most if not all of the bath accessories in the same color.  I really want this vertical toilet tissue holder. There was one at our hotel we stayed at in the Kohler Village and now I’m thinking about one for the bathroom. I’m just not sure how mounting it will work with our vanity yet. I love this towel ring too. It’s kind of oversized in person which I wasn’t sure about at first, but now I really like it. I’m thinking about just one towel ring in between our two mirrors instead of one on each side. It would save space and allow me to do something with the wall to the right of the vanity.


Aren’t these spaces amazing? If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth stopping by – for the designs, but mostly for their original recipe chocolates.

That’s pretty much it for now. Still need to get in touch with the electrician to come install our light fixtures and switches. Once there’s light in the bathroom I can finally start moving all my bathroom stuff back upstairs (after a year!) and spend a day on a vanity organization project. Wish me luck on that!


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