Before & Afters

  • It’s Kismet – A Door Story.

    It’s Kismet – A Door Story.

    Hi Friends, The best DIY’s come with a killer backstory, and this one is my favorite story to date. A couple years ago when we first started house hunting, we came across this house that wasn’t actually for sale. It was a rental listing, but times were crazy so we asked if maybe they would…

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  • The Laundry Room/Mud Room of My Actual Dreams.

    The Laundry Room/Mud Room of My Actual Dreams.

    Hi Friends, Today is an exciting day and a day ten months in the making! I finally get to show you all our completed back entry space! Let me remind you where we started: Let’s take a moment to take this all in. At the end of this hallway is the door that leads into…

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  • Phase 1  Kitchen Refresh.

    Phase 1 Kitchen Refresh.

    Hi Friends, Let me introduce you to our new kitchen. There are things I appreciate about it, including the storage space. Our last kitchen didn’t have nearly this many cabinets and I always struggled to make room for pots and pans and serving ware, etc. There are also so many things about this space that…

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  • Our Phase 1 Master Bathroom Renovation.

    Our Phase 1 Master Bathroom Renovation.

    Hi Friends, Today is exciting because I finally finished up the very first project in our new house and it’s a good one. I knew a full on bathroom remodel in our master bath was not going to be a priority for a few years at least but because it’s our day in and day…

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  • Utility Room Storage Project.

    Utility Room Storage Project.

    Hi Friends, You can probably file this post under “blogs that literally no one asked for but I’m writing it anyways”. Lately I’ve been on an organizing kick so all my projects are related to purging things, then buying every container known to man for what I’m not purging, and then labeling until my label…

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  • Master Bath Remodel.

    Master Bath Remodel.

    Hi Friends, So this has been a long time coming – our upstairs bath is finally done! (Ahem, I mean, we’re still waiting on the shower door, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this!) We’ve been very slowly working on this bathroom for over a year! Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been…

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  • DIY Home Fitness Studio.

    DIY Home Fitness Studio.

    Hi Friends, A couple weeks ago my gym closed. Which is hard for many reasons but mostly because it’s like my second home. I teach there two nights a week and I’m there at least two other days a week working out with my sister or taking class from my friends who are also instructors.…

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  • Laundry Room Reveal.

    Laundry Room Reveal.

    Hi Friends, It’s been a minute since I talked about our laundry room that we started work on LAST YEAR. Where does the time go? I feel like one of those homeowners on HGTV where the Property Brothers show up and they have like 16 uncompleted reno projects going on in their house. You know?…

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