Laundry Room Reveal.

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It’s been a minute since I talked about our laundry room that we started work on LAST YEAR. Where does the time go? I feel like one of those homeowners on HGTV where the Property Brothers show up and they have like 16 uncompleted reno projects going on in their house. You know? Those homeowners that have really good intentions when they first buy their house and then fizzle out on the projects. That’s kind of me, except I will always finish a project, sometimes it just takes a year or so.

Let me remind you what our laundry room (closet) looked like a year ago:


Beautiful, no? Ha Ha. Now let’s get down to the reveal!


We started by taking everything out of the existing laundry: cabinets, appliances, etc. Once it was all out we laid this geometric porcelain tile from the Home Depot on the floor. Because it’s such a small space, a bold tile works.


You guys should know by now that I’m kind of allergic to color but for the laundry room I made an exception. I painted the cabinet a bold blue to go along with the bold floors. The color is SW Oceanside and I love how it turned out. It’s hard to capture in a picture but it’s actually a bit more teal in person.


I topped the cabinet with a herringbone marble design laminate counter and then did a tiny beveled subway tile insert above that.


I made some DIY shelving out of poplar boards and basic L shaped brackets off Amazon. I searched for something pre-made but it was hard to find shelves that were the right width and depth for such a small space.


They provide pretty and functional storage for cleaning supplies, our iron, and our detergents and dryer balls.



Speaking of storage, I need as much as I can get out of this little closet so I hung this row of hooks on the back wall to hold brooms, mops and this little laundry bag that I throw dirty cleaning or kitchen towels in until I have enough for a full load.

A couple before and afters:





The room (closet) was so small we were forced to convert to a stackable unit in the corner because modern appliances are so wide they wouldn’t have allowed the door to be able to close if we kept the same configuration. As much as I would love a huge laundry room, I’m glad we at least have a functional and pretty one and I think we made a good use of the space we have.

What do you think? Do you like the bold colors and patterns or would you go for something more muted? I’m off to do some laundry!

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