• Gathering Place.

    Gathering Place.

    Hi Friends, I thought I would pop on and share a bit of what we’ve been up to at our house lately and also some dining room tour photos (because everyone loves pictures). This past summer I made it a goal to get a real dining room table. Previously, our dining table was a high…

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  • It’s Electric!

    It’s Electric!

    Hey guys, For some of you this is going to be the most boring post ever. Weird, considering the exciting title. I really wanted to post about this though, so just go with it. Are you ready for this?? I, Holly Bryn Sunderland, changed out all the outlets in our kitchen! Woah! So now you’re…

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  • Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Do-Over: A Bedroom Tour

    Hi All, So last summer I painted and decorated our master bedroom and it was beautiful and at the time I really loved it. After awhile though, the navy paint started to make our room feel really dark and uninviting and I really wanted to make a more permanent change. If you want to see…

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  • Outdoor Refresh.

    Outdoor Refresh.

    Hi Friends! It’s been a little while! I wanted to pop in and share a couple things today that we’re working on on the outside of our home. The first one is our new outdoor wall lights. So I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the outside of our house before we…

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  • 4 Steps to a Sensational Pantry.

    4 Steps to a Sensational Pantry.

    Hi All, I’m gonna be real here: this weekend I got fed up with my pantry! Ugh! We don’t have a big walk-in one, just a cupboard, and it was stuffed on every darn shelf!  I was having a hard time putting away new groceries but at the same time it felt like we didn’t…

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  • 4 Tips for Creating Your Best Gallery Wall.

    4 Tips for Creating Your Best Gallery Wall.

    Hi Friends, Hope you’re all winding down from the weekend of Christmas celebrations. I took a day Monday to clean, put away decorations and spruce up our dining room a bit. 🙂 This is what I started with. Mostly I just wanted to fill in the big blank wall at the back of our dining room…

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  • That Time of Year.

    That Time of Year.

    Hi Friends, ‘Tis the season for all things Christmas. I decorated a week early this year at our house which I know is taboo for some people. Hear me out. It was all cozy inside and snowy outside and I just couldn’t help myself. Plus this way I get to enjoy it for an extra…

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  • Welcome Spot.

    Welcome Spot.

    Hi Friends, Hope you’re all feeling back to normal after the time change this weekend. It’s so weird when it gets dark out at 5:30 pm. Makes it feel like it’s super late when I’m coming home from work. I do like that it’s light out for my morning drive though. I just can’t win.…

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  • Wall Art (On A Budget)

    Wall Art (On A Budget)

    Hi Friends, Today I wanted to talk about art. Like the kind you hang on your walls. I have the hardest time with shopping for art because I feel like every time I find something I really like, it’s also really expensive. Then you get that internal debate going on, like is it worth it?…

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  • Our Master Bedroom

    Our Master Bedroom

    Hi Guys! I’m super excited to share our master bedroom transformation with you today! This is one of my favorite spaces because it’s super cozy and different from the rest of our house, in a good way. Here’s what the space looked like before we moved in: The wall color was fine, but it had…

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