• Kitchen Part III: Finishing Touches

    Kitchen Part III: Finishing Touches

    Hi Guys! So we painted the cabinets and the countertops (yay!). I also took some time to paint the window trim black. Once we had taken all the plastic down, the kitchen felt like it was really starting to come together. Since my day job involves looking at catalogs for kitchen and bathroom fixtures all… Read more

  • Kitchen Part II: Countertops

    Kitchen Part II: Countertops

    Hi All! Once we painted the cabinets a nice bright white, the existing laminate countertops looked even more dated than before. I knew I wanted to tackle them next in hopes of being able to cook again. I started by taping off the lower cabinets and appliances with plastic dropcloths. I purchased a kit specifically… Read more

  • Kitchen Part I: The Cabinets

    Kitchen Part I: The Cabinets

    Hi Friends! The first thing I decided to tackle when we moved in was our kitchen. Mostly because I knew I wanted to paint the cabinets and I didn’t want to unpack all our stuff and then have to take it out to paint it later. Here’s what we were dealing with:   We removed… Read more

  • Welcome.

    Hi All! I thought I would make my first post an introduction. My name is Holly! I’m twenty four and I love a good DIY project. When my husband and I were looking to buy our first home this last spring I knew I wanted something that needed a few cosmetic updates so I could… Read more

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